As  pioneers  in  contemporary  educational  systems  and  planning, The  Oxford  School  is a leader in  educational,  technological and  cultural  development  at  a  global  level. We   strive to serve  as  an  academic  benchmark  and dedicate  our  resources  to  raise academic  standards  around  the  world. The Oxford School   responds  to  the  needs  of  global change  by  promoting  innovative and continuous education, thus ensuring an exceptional preparation for our students.


The  Oxford  School  is  committed  to  the  fulfilment  of  the  goals  of  the National  Curriculum  of  England  and  the  University  of  Cambridge  International Examinations,  dynamic  programs  of  international  relevance  and  recognition.
We  educate  students  of  all  backgrounds,  beliefs,  cultures  and  abilities  to pursue  academic  excellence  in  an  environment  of  understanding, cooperation,  tolerance  and  constant  effort.





In 1983 The Oxford School began as a small language school in Panama City offering English as a Second Language courses to students and professionals. The creation of this institution was motivated by the country´s need to acquire the English language.

The Oxford School first opened in 1984, in the heart of Panama´s banking sector close to Via España. Later, in 1990, the school expanded to include a regular school programme opening Pre Kinder, Kinder and 1st grade in purposely-adapted premises in Punta Paitilla.

In 1992, due to popular demand, The Oxford School opened its first branch in Santiago de Veraguas. That same year, the school´s director, together with his three associates, dedicated their efforts to the research and development of a contemporary international curriculum resulting in the adoption of the National Curriculum of England.

In 1999, aware of the need to unify criteria and consolidate goals with views to expand, The Oxford School opened its new, more modern building situated in Edison Park in Via Transistmica.

Today, the new school caters to more than 900 students, many of whom have shown great promise for the future in the areas of Science and Business Administration.

In 2001, The Oxford School introduced a new element of international contemporary education to its secondary school programme by means of the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The Oxford School is now a fully authorized testing center for these internationally recognized examinations.